What is a leaders debate? Why is it an important moment? During the electoral campaign, the leaders debate play a crucial role allowing leaders to present their different positions on important issues that affect the province. It is not only important to watch the debate, it is also crucial to analyse the information and the leaders performance. The leaders debate offers an opportunity to see politics in action, hear from the people vying to be our elected representatives, and analyze what they say, so that we can be informed citizens. This lesson will you tips to better analyse the information received by the leaders and have a better idea of their performance.


To help analysed the Leaders’ Debate, CIVIX-Québec is offering a serie of 3 lessons (before, during and after the debate) the analyse the leaders’ performance, their promises and their statements in general.

Lesson A (Pre-debate)

Lesson Plan (Elementary) (High School)

Handout 1.1 – (Elementary) (High School)

Handout 1.2 – (High School)


Lesson B (Debate)

Lesson Plan (Primaire) (Secondaire)

Handout 1.1 – (Primaire) (Secondaire)

Handout 1.2 (Primaire) (Secondaire)


Lesson C (Post debate)

Lesson Plan – (Primaire) (Secondaire)

Diapositives (PPT)

Handout 1.1 – (Primaire) (Secondaire)

Handout 1.2 – (Primaire)


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